alagie & ebouThe Families of the Two Missing US Citizens will be hosting a rally in Las Vegas NV on June 15th 2015 at 12.00PM in Front Of – Lloyd D, George Building (Senator Harry Reid’s Office) – 333 S Las Vegas Blvd #8016, Las Vegas NV 89101.

The purpose of the rally is to raise awareness to this case within the US, with the hopes of getting public support in-order to urge the US Government to put more pressure on the Gambian Government for the immediate and safe release of Alhagie Ceesay and Ebou Jobe back to their families in the US. If you are or will be in the Las Vegas Area, please join us to help raise awareness on their disappearance.

Alhagie and Ebou have been missing for almost 2 years (since June 2013). The Ceesay and Jobe Families appreciate all the work that the US State Department, FBI and the US Gambian Embassy have done so far, but believe more should be done to bring the 2 back who have been held incommunicado by The Gambian Government. The Family is demanding for their immediate and safe release.
Both Alhagie and Ebou are married with young children. Alhagie has two kids, a boy and a girl. Ebou has three boys. Their kids miss them dearly. Alhage’s 5 year old son is always asking if his dad will be back in time for his next upcoming birth date and wonder why his dad doesn’t want to see him or spend time with him during his birthday. Ebou’s oldest son wants to know when his Dad will come back as his mom has been shoveling the snow by herself and he doesn’t want her doing that anymore.

Alhagie and Ebou came to the US in their late teens for the pursue of the American dream. After graduating from College and working in the Cooperate world for over 10 years they withdrew their 401K with the hopes of starting a business in the tiny West African Country, The Gambia and also with the hopes to give back to their native country. One of their plans was to eventually build a computer school to help the country’s impoverish youths be more equipped in Technology so they can keep up in the 21 century; Alhagie had a degree in Information Technology and a MBA and worked for Chevron Texaco for over 10 years as a Systems Analyst. Ebou Jobe had a degree in Business and worked for Walmart as an Operations Manager. The two were picked up by NIA agents (headed by The Gambian President) and have disappeared ever since.

The family’s life’s’ have been at a standstill and in turmoil as we have not heard from the two and nor do we know where they are kept. We are grateful to the few that have come forward so far very helpful information and continue to plead with The Gambian community (both within and outside of Gambia) to continue to come forward with any information with regards to Alhagie and Ebou’s disappearance and where they are kept (your identity will remain anonymous).

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