Falai Baldeh jumps ship!

Activist colleagues of Mr. Falai Baldeh have expressed disappointment over his defection to the ruling Alliance for Patriotic, Re-orientation and Construction of President Yahya Jammeh.

The fierce critic of the Gambia government’s policies reportedly jumped ship during a meeting involving officials of the government and APRC in New York last week. Mr. Baldeh used the meeting to apologise to both President Jammeh and Momodou Tangara, the Gambia’s Ambassador to the United Nations for wronging them. During a brawl Baldeh had physically assaulted Mr. Tangara, a development the former said was regrettable.

Mr. Falai Baldeh, who has since been mocked on social media for acting like Judas, is yet to deny or confirm his defection to the government that continues to make life unbearable for Gambians. Kairo News could not get Falai Baldeh on the phone to hear his own side of the story.

In a press release below, Mr. Baldeh’s colleagues of the Gambia Consultative Council expressed their frustration and regret about the development.

It is with regret that the Gambia Consultative Council (GCC) expresses deep disappointment in the recent defection to the APRC of dictator and murderer, Yahya Jammeh, of one of its executives members, Mr. Falai Baldeh, in charge of Protests and Demonstrations. GCC was clearly blindsided by Mr. Baldeh’s actions particularly at a time when nothing, whatsoever, has changed in the political situation at home.

While GCC clearly disagrees with the actions taken by Falai Baldeh, until recently one of the most vociferous critics of the Gambian regime under Yahya Jammeh, each member of the GCC executive enjoys the freewill to make decisions that are in their best personal interest. GCC, therefore, wishes Mr. Falai Baldeh well as a member of a regime that continues to wreak so much havoc on Gambian society.

Finally, GCC has nothing further to add to this unfortunate transfer of allegiance from the interest of the suffering Gambian people to Yahya Jammeh, the source of all that suffering. All further clarification on this matter can we addressed directly to Mr Falai Baldeh himself.

The GCC executive
December 14, 2014



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