Intellectuals who mattet!

        Gambian Intellectuals who matter!

Dr. Baba Galleh Jallow, Lecturer Sainey Faye and Kebba Nyanchor Sanneh

A series on the position and roles of Gambian intellectuals in the political struggle has kicked off on Kairo Radio. It is a topic that needs to be discussed, dissected and understood. What role intellectuals and academics have played in Africa, particularly The Gambia before, during and after independence? What have they done or not done and why? Why these educated elites feel comfortable and unconcerned about tyranny in our country? Do they have nationalistic spirit? Do they qualified to be called patriots when they don’t give a damn to the suffering of ordinary gambians? All these disturbing questions need fitting answers.

The anchor of The Talking Point, Mohamed Lamin Sillah – himself an established historian  – is widening the debate by inviting the intellectuals wbo matter on a live program on Kairo Radio this Saturday at 3:30 PM Eastern time or 9:30 PM UK time.   

Dr. Baba Galleh Jallow and Sainey Faye – both lecturers and intellectuals with substance – will be assisted by Kebba Sanneh, a well read political activist who will spice up the show with the radical elements of intellectualism. There will also be questions from the audience. This will be a healthy and educative, respectful and cordial journey that will showcase knowledge and raise awareness among Gambians, which is in line with Kairo News Media’s editorial policy.

ML Sillah was the former head of Amnesty International Gambia

The methods on how to permanently uproot the culture of siding with ruthless tyrants merely in pursuit of self-interest has been a dilemma to many concerned Gambians. We need our scholars and intellectuals to lead the way. Sadly, some have actually strengthened Jammeh without looking into the ramifications of their action on the bulk of Gambians who have been and are paying the price.

An unbiased, frank and open discussion will now be a regular stable occurrence on Kairo Radio. The aim is not to put down any academic or scholar, but to provoke them in realising that light can only brighten the pathway to salvation. If the scholars cannot change habits and adapt to higher social expectations, the laymen/women are doomed to destruction.

It is going to be hard, tough, uncomfortable and even messy. However, with an open line of dialogue, key players: politicians, civil society, students, social thinkers, men and women on the streets and homes will learn meaningful ways in understanding and seeing politics differently.

Our aim is to cement Gambianness in a different way. We will welcome scholarly materials focusing on defining our struggle from non-politician’s perspectives. Any area one has competency in will be highly valuable, be it Agriculture, History, Arts, Banking, Economics, law etc. The Gambia is facing serious meltdown on all fronts. Experts have to tailor their work to suit the whimps and caprices of our tyrants, hence, we need to go to work to help in preparing for a post-dictatorship era.

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