The Gambia’s exiled former President does not look healthy at all, latest leaked pictures from Equatorial Guinea show. Yahya Jammeh, who looks weak and frail, has shredded significant amount of weight. He is seen pictured along with Equatorial Guinea President Theodore Obiang and 2nd Lt. Wandifa Barrow, Jammeh’s aide de camp.

Mr. Jammeh was forced into exile in January 2017 after losing the election to the coalition candidate Adama Barrow. He has since been living in Equatorial Guinea purposely to evade indictment for committing crimes against humanity.

Mr. Jammeh had earlier been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His aides were concerned about his failure to comply with doctor’s advice that he should limit eating high carbohydrate foods.

It is not clear whether his weakness has anything to do with his diabetes.

Some unconfirmed sources attributed Jammeh’s weakness to excessive stress and diarrhoea, which have both taken toll on the former President. One source said Mr. Jammeh’s wishes were to die a president and is not therefore not prepared for a normal life. “He is at great pains for being forced into exile. Jammeh’s crimes are also haunting him. In essence, the man is not living in peace,” a close source said. “He is dying slowly.”



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