Yahya Jammeh, Gambians want you to face prosecution!

Thank you very much Mr Dampha for pointing out the real achievements of president Barrow in the first 100 days. As you rightly pointed out, every citizen has the constitutional right to constructively criticise our political leadership in order to make them accountable. While there are some genuine people who truly criticise constructively the policies and conduct of the current regime, I will consider most of the critics either as job seekers who believe that they are entitled to be given special jobs because of their so-called past roles in the fight to restore democracy and constitutional rule in the Gambia or they are new self-proclaimed victims who are fearful of seeing the change of the system. These new self-proclaimed victims are the former enablers of the regime who were blinded or refused to see nepotism, preferential treatment in Jammeh’s regime appointments and atrocities against Gambian people. During the former regime, the new self-proclaimed victims were completely silent about Jammeh’s tribal vitriol against the Mandinka ethnicity. Now that they have seen the fair appointments in government positions, they are terrified to death and began to cry out loud about tribalism. Where are these political hypocrites and dishonest citizens when Jammeh appointed almost only his tribesmen in the majority of the most important positions in the Gambia? Why  they have never raised the issue of tribal appointments or Jammeh’s tribal vitriol against a majority population without whose support he (Jammeh) would not have become president. These new self-proclaimed victims want the status quo to continue because they do not respect the will and aspirations of the Gambian voters. They are the hypocrites fanning flames of tribalism. We must all be thankful for our new found freedom of speech and that our government considers fairly every tribe in the country. There is no tribal appointments or preferential treatments. The new self-proclaimed victims must realise that Gambian people have decided and that irrespective of tribe, indigenous people must have the constitutional right to have jobs, enjoy​ better living condition as well as live in peace and stability in their own country. Some of the new self-proclaimed victims have now become the destabilising force determined to cause violence at all costs. The new government should enforce the law when dealing with anyone who causes violent efforts to undermine the will and aspirations of Gambian people.

Those desperate job seekers who want to go home should cool off. I think most of these people lack good education and relevant skills in the diaspora to make a decent living hence the need to use the struggle to defeat Jammeh as a means to be recognized for job opportunities. Why would anyone be so desperate to be employed in the new government when you have good education and skills in the diaspora to make a decent living? I understand that there are those who really want to take a pay cut in diaspora and go back to the Gambia to contribute positively to the development of our country. That number is so small in all honesty. Those who are making noise because of their disappointment in not getting their self-entitled jobs​ must realise that the real heroes of the struggle are those elderly and young people who openly demonstrated against the Jammeh dictatorship. We must develop ourselves intellectually and skillfully here in the diaspora before we think about seeking job opportunities in the Gambia. After all fighting to restore democracy and constitutional rule in the Gambia is never about seeking job opportunities; it is about restoring freedom, human dignity and respect that our people deserve. Anyone who is desperately looking for job should go educate themselves, learn a skill or engage in meaningful business strategy to make a decent living.

I would encourage people in diaspora with expertise and relevance experience to give free services to our new government and Gambian people rather than engage in job hunting. We have seen people from the west who went to Africa to give free services in various areas such as education, healthcare, Agriculture and others. We too should develop such spirits by offering free services to our country while vacationing home. Any little service can make positive differences in the lives of our people.




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