Dear Gambians, having completed the voting exercise of the 2021 Presidential Election without breakdown of law and order, we have yet again collectively demonstrated to the whole world our civility and peacefulness.

This is not the making of the Police or any other security establishment of the country, but all due to you the citizens tolerance, maturity and mutual respect. This will go down well in the annals of our history especially as we consolidate our democracy.

On behalf of the Gambia Police Force and the entire security sector, the Office of the Inspector General of the Gambia Police Force wishes to commend immensely, each and every Gambian and all the electoral stakeholders, not only for keeping the peace but also for cooperating and collaborating with the security.

The Independent Electoral Commission has been declaring election results from the various polling stations. It is hoped that, the overall election result would be declared in moments to come.

To this end, the Office of the IGP wishes to implore on all individuals to keep up with the spirit of maintaining peace and tranquility as we draw near the conclusion of the electoral process.

We wish to remind the public to continue to maintain calmness and exercise restraint from all forms of violent tendencies for the rest of the process, including victory celebrations.

Once again, we re-assure the public that, The Gambia Police Force is highly committed to ensuring the safety and security of the public at all times.



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