The Chief Imam of Detroit Islamic Center has advised Muslims to be least worried about “idea bankrupt politicians fond of taking swipe at Islam and Muslims.’

Imam Momodou Ceesay told a congregation of Eid-ul-Adha [prayer of Sacrifice] on Thursday that they should only be scared of extremists Muslims whose interpretation and thinking are different from theirs.

“So many noises have been going around about Islam and Muslims. You have nothing to fear about this deen; if you have anything to fear it should be those Muslim individuals with complicated mindset, think and act differently,” the anchor of weekly Islam program on Kairo Radio said. He defended his statement with a verse in the holy Quran that “Allah is the one who sent his Prophet with a clear religion [deen] that is guaranteed to flourish over all other religions even if nonbelievers or idol worshippers hate it.”

Imam Ceesay said it was an irony that “some politicians who are idea bankrupt on how to turn around people’s lives have decided to badmouth Muslims and Islam. Their statements are meant to score political points but we have seen the backlash they received. Even the people they want to attract don’t want to associate with them,” Imam Ceesay said.

“I have always told you that whenever they attack Islam, they make free publicity for us as thousands of people will go online and buy literatures to learn about Islam. If a thousand people research about Islam I believe we will take 300 of them,” Imam said, amid shouting of Allahu Akbar [Allah is Great] from the congregation. “So do not be bothered because we benefit from their noisemaking.”

Imam Ceesay had earlier preached on the importance of the Eid of Sacrifice, which originated from Prophet Abraham. “He was Allah’s Prophet and Friend who was ready to sacrifice his son, Ismael just to fulfill Allah’s command and promise. This was the reason why Allah blessed Abraham with a ram from Heaven and gave him the glad tiding in the form of a son who became Ishaq.”

“The crux of Eid prayer is the sacrifice of small or large ruminants for Allah’s sake., who does not want the meat, advise you to share it with neighbours, the needy and poor. “On this day, Muslims should have socialise and have fun but within the framework of Islam.”

Imam Ceesay said it was also the day when Prophet Muhammad was obligated to sign a treaty with musrikeen [nonbelievers]. “The Prophet sent his companions [Ali and Abubakarr] which was not an easy decision for him, especially at a time when he was left with only a very few people.



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