Jainaba Bah

No matter how messy the fight turns out, it is never acceptable to spread lies about people who have been fighting against a dictator.

Those were the remarks by Stockholm-based Gambian activist. Jainaba Bah, who last week resigned from the Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in the Gambia (CORDEG), told Kairo Radio “If you want to fight a dictator, you don’t spread lies about people who have been fighting with you.”

Jainaba Bah explained how she had been ridiculed and maliciously framed by some CORDEG executive members. She said upon return from Mecca, majority of CORDEG members did not welcome her with open arms. Mrs. Bah pointed accusing fingers at CORDEG Secretary General, Abdoulie Jobe, blaming him for telling people “I have reconciled with my former husband Sarjo Jallow who is an Ambassador in Ethiopia and that I am a spy who must not be trusted.”

“I have never left my husband or divorced,” she refuted, saying her accusers should have put her to test and see whether she would deliver. “If I am a spy, put me to task. What you should understand is that I have my word to the world that I will do the task. Put me to test to see whether I will deliver. My words mean everything to me.”

Mrs. Bah said the resignation of Gambia Democratic Action Group (GDAG) has nothing to do with leadership hassle. She asked how that could be the case when the group’s representative, Alkali Conteh, nominated Dr. Abdoulaye Saine as the Chairman of CORDEG. “It has never been an issue of position or leadership. It was Alkali Conteh who nominated Dr. Saine.”

Jainaba said the CORDEG election was not fair as evidenced by the manipulation. “Some people lobbied behind the scene. I was told that Banka Manneh called Demba Dem asking him to withdraw and change his vote. After the election, Abdoulie Jobe called Dem, bragging how he had trashed Alkali Conteh,” she alleged. Jainaba would not understand why “a very consistent person like Alkali Conteh has been edged out. The man who put a lot of efforts in moving the Gambian struggle forward.”

Jainaba described Mr. Conteh as a role model who inspired her to join CORDEG. Bah’s Stockholm Dialogue was invited to the Steering Committee by GDAG through Alkali Conteh who wanted to get people from across board. She said she was inspired and wanted to be part of CORDEG so she could make a difference. I didn’t join CORDEG to fight with anybody; Yahya Jammeh is the common enemy. If we have to fight Yahya Jammeh we have to unite. It is very important for those at the center of struggle for change to do the right thing. That is not the case with CORDEG.”



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