JammehIf Gambians rise up against dictator Jammeh tomorrow, the UN, US, AU, Ecowas, EU will be the first to pressure President Jammeh to step down. Diplomatic language is misleading and troubling. However, such a language is always with the consensus stakeholders. Let us therefore put our acts together and pressure the dictator into a damn uncompromising corner, which will put him into isolation. He will then be isolate and left to dry.

‘Dr Mohammed Ibn Chambas, United Nations Secretary General’s Special Representative for West Africa, who arrived in The Gambia yesterday and was received by President Jammeh at State House, said both the UN and Gambia are willing to work closely to bring to book all those who took part in the December 30th attack of the State House

“There is also the willingness on the part of the UN to work closely with the Gambian authorities to thoroughly investigate this in a manner that would satisfy everybody to ensure that the facts are known and those who are culprits in this are brought to face justice with due process and total respect for Human Rights,” Dr Ibn Chambas said in a brief interview granted the press yesterday.

“So on this I think we are very pleased with the Gambian authorities that they are willing to work with the UN to ensure that this matter is thoroughly and properly investigated and there would be a deterrent to all those who may try to overthrow constitutionally constituted governments and authorities in The Gambia and everywhere in Africa.”

The UN Special Rep also briefed the press on his discussion with President Jammeh at State House.

He said:  “I came to present myself as the Secretary General’s Special Representative for West Africa.

“I also used this opportunity to extend to Mr President, his government and the people of The Gambia, the best wishes of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for the New Year and continuing prosperity for The Gambia. At the same time convey to him the strong condemnation of the UN – and the Secretary General himself, following the unfortunate event that happened here – that came out with a very clear statement underscoring the total rejection of any attempt to accede to power by unconstitutional means.”

Dr Ibn Chambas said that in Africa today there is zero tolerance for taking over governance by force of arms or violent means.

“We know today in Africa, there is a zero tolerance policy for unconstitutional accessing to power and the UN completely subscribes to this, and the UN has stated so very clearly; so there should be no ambiguity about that,” he declared.’

Source: The Point

Author: Osman Kargbo



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