Yankuba Jobe

Yankuba Jobe

Mr. Yankuba Jobe is the Guest of our Special Ramadan discussion on Religion, Tradition and Secularism on Kairo Radio today.

“The key reason for our relationship breakdowns is due mainly to our non-spiritual attitudes and the abandoning of our core traditions and faith,” an experienced diasporan Gambian told Kairo Radio. Mr Yankuba Jobe, who is resident in England, said any relationship that is not maintained on piety, honesty, core values and religion is likely to fail. “Secularism encourage us to follow our feelings and desires without consideration to what makes us who we are. As a matter of fact, men and women are mired in the material pursuit to the extent that nothing becomes sacred.”
Mr. Jobe believes that religion cannot be a private matter for a committed believer. They practice their faith wherever they are, and they will remain moderate and sincere. In secularism, we also have far-right and racist politicians in the west. We have secular states that openly practise racism and brutality be training, we advance the secular/religious discussion.”

Jobe added that “social breakdown in the west began when women were handed the power to chase men out of marital homes. These social breakdowns are the direct result of secularism, where family life became mere convenience, ethnics and principles relegated to insignificance.”  

Speaking as a guest on  Special Ramadan topical discussion on secularism, politics and religion in the Gambia, the engineer took us on a personal journey of his travels to Tunisia for studies, then to Libya, Israel, and before finally settling in The Netherlands in 1978.
Yankuba Jobe had lived in the west for 29 years, during which period he recounted the slow death of the family setup. “I have seen Gambians abandon their true cultures, religion and identity, after being consumed by this global mindset called “secularism. They throw away characters that should have helped them secure a concrete existence in the west.”
The advent of secularism found people practising their religion. Due to reform agenda in the west, and the problems with the clergy, the state decided to take religion out of state matters. Secularism can be seen to be neutralising society, and opposing religion. However, in Islamic understanding, Prophet Muhammad initiated the Medina charter where every religious group in the holy City was given its rights. But it is a mistake to prevent Gambians from promoting their religion mainly due to secularism is a mistake.
“Satan is the biggest enemy of mankind. Satan deceived our ancestor Adam with false promise of better life, and by Adam choosing to follow Satan’s advise, human beings enter the battle be sick, to face death, and many other consequences. So by telling us to to pursue our desires and freedoms needlessly, we will be distant from God and revelation.”
The west proclaim that, we as Muslims came to their countries for secular way of life. “Nobody owns anything, we and our possession belongs to God. We are all descendants of Adam. The west came to our countries, stole our wealth, desecrate our languages, our art and culture, and now the odd jobs people are doing in their countries, they want to tell us, they are doing us a favour.”
Mr Jobe said the cleaning jobs they provide our people is not something for the west to boast about. People should remain themselves, practise their faith, be grounded in core home principle. Any human being who is not at loss with his identity cannot be an extremist.
Yankuba Jobe describes President Jammeh as a’Munafik’ a classic hypocrite who pretend to be what he is not. Mr Jobe further  warn all our politicians to be honest in handling the secular values versus our religious and traditional customs. He went further to lament that, our politicians will be also be label as hypocrite if they attempt to deceive the masses.
You can hear the veteran Gambian traveller on Kairo radio with Suntou Touray all day today.
Next week, our guest will be, the acclaimed Gambian scholar Dr Alhagie Manta Drammeh.


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