images-Imam Abdoulie FattySeveral sources contacted by Kairo News rebuffed the rumour fast circulating that Imam Abdoulie Fatty has absconded or fled the country.

Imam Fatty has neither fled, nor absconded, all our sources confirmed. The former State House Imam was a close ally of President Jammeh. He got fired after being used as a political tool of the Jammeh dictatorship.

News of Fatty’s fleeing was raised by a sister online radio yesterday. Soon Kairo News editors became inundated with calls, asking for verification of the story. What more choice do we have other than submitting to the will of our people? We engaged our trusted sources who all debunked the story.

“It is a crap, Imam Fatty is in town,” one source said. Fatty’s closeness to the Jammeh dictatorship has left a dent on his image. “He is gradually regaining his lost dignity and respect. Some mosques have started inviting him to lead their congregation in Friday prayers,” a source close to Imam Fatty said.

An influential opposition heavyweight did not buy the rumour either. “Imam Abdoulie Fatty is too proud to run. He is not such a type who will run away; he feels too proud for that. He will face whatever lies ahead of him but absconding is out of the question for him,” said a man, himself a victim of Fatty’s past rantings.

The once popular and respected Muslim cleric was accused of helping the regime to bring down even his own defiant colleagues. Jammeh has dumped Imam Fatty after his purported refusal to retract his statement on the Ahmadis.



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