By Babu Soli

I was writing to vehemently refute and challenge the veracity of this Sheriff Dino prophecy when I came across the contribution of Edi boy.

I will side with Edi boy’s clearance that the speech is not Sheriff Dino’s. I know Dino well before he returned to assume the Caliphate responsibility from his then aged old father. He was living in France and returned at the request of his old dad. In France where he had been living for a long time, those who came in contact with him knew him as an upright and diligent young lad. That was in the 80s. He was very young then.

I visited him on two occasions in Wassadu when he took over after the demise of his father and saw the vigour and vitality in his spiritual domain. He was really apolitical. He fell off with President Jammeh on matters I couldn’t clarify nor ascertain and those I knew from Wassadu from former MP Henry Jammeh, whom I spoke to at his recess at the Kombo Brikama Nyambai Bee-Keeping resort couldn’t clarify the matter to me either.

All that they knew was that The Sheriff and President Jammeh were very amicable friends at the onset but what went wrong between them still remains a mistery.

As bonafide citizens we shouldn’t appease ourselves with such fracas between our revered/honourable citizens and try to gain our selfish (dis)advantage from that. That’s where the onerous of our setbacks as a collective Gambian body always lie.

Sheriff Dino knows that his father was accused of playing a key role in the late Kukoi Samba Sanyang’s (a citizen of Wassadu as well) failed attempt to usurp power by force in 1981. The late Elderly Sheriff didn’t live well with that foiled episode. Would the younger Sheriff now mess around with something that tainted the image of his late father? I doubt it.



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