jammehPresident Yahya Jammeh is reported to have wept and accepted the fact that he has lost the election well before the December 1st presidential contest begins. This development comes after Mr. Jammeh’s intelligence officials on Wednesday afternoon provided a video footage of the nomination of the Coalition 2016 presidential candidate Adama Barrow. After watching the video with his inner circle, Jammeh could not believe the record crowd he had seen in the video. He blamed intelligence failure in his government. He would not understand why his intelligence did not alert him about his political downfall. Mr. Jammeh then looked depressed and defeated, inviting sympathy of his officials and political allies. Tears started running on their cheeks. Jammeh too began to shed tears upon seeing his allies in tearful mood. Our source, who was also privy to the meeting  said he will not be surprised if “President Jammeh vacates the presidency and run for his life. He completely looks defeated. The truth of the matter is that the opposition coalition has threatened President Jammeh,” our source said. “Jammeh will not accept spot counting if he has seen the Coalition’s record crowd in advance. Even the security forces have been shakened. In fact, some of them have appealed to their relatives to support the Coalition.”



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