Jammeh and Pa Bojang

Kairo News has been inundated with messages from its State House sources that revelations by Pa Ousman Bojang have dealt huge blow on President Yahya Jammeh, his cohorts and the family.

Pa Bojang, the former Managing Director of President Jammeh’s Kanilai Group International, has been on the run since April this year after the President’s Office accused him of stealing. Mr. Bojang, a cousin brother to Gambian dictator, entered the United States and soon started firing back.

In a marathon interview with Fatu Radio Network, Pa described allegations leveled against him as “unfounded and baseless.” He said they were meant to “soil my reputation.”

Our sources said President Jammeh would have lived in peace had Pa stopped at brushing aside allegations. “But his decision to reveal Jammeh’s dirty secrets in public has traumatised the President, his cohorts and family members, especially Aja Asombi Bojang (President Jammeh’s mother). Both Jammeh and his mother have been shocked to the bone and have since been trying to use other relatives to prevail on Pa Bojang from shattering his immediate relative,” the State House Revealer confirmed. “They want him to shut up.”

One source said Pa Bojang’s expose has put tears on the eyes of the President and his mother. “Pa’s revelations mean a lot, which is why Jammeh’s family is acting fast to mimimise damage,” a trusted source said.

Kairo News has also learnt that Jammeh is desperately appealing for a ceasefire, knowing fully that he has lost the fight. “Oga Jammeh is using his sisters to tame Pa. Jammeh even said his problem with Pa Bojang is over and that the cousin brother is free to go back, an offer that has been received with pinch of salt.”

Our sources added that Pa Bojang is still an angry man. “What I can confirm is that Pa Bojang is a smart person who will not be easily cowed down,” said a source familiar with Mr. Bojang who was not available for comments, despite frantic efforts by Kairo News Editorial. Kairo News will do its best to fish out Pa Bojang who is “well armed with information capable of unsettling the Gambia’s brutal dictator.”



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