The Gambia’s dictator president is currently sojourning in Guinea where he is consulting a renowned marabout on the fate of his political life. President Yahya Jammeh’s insiders reveal to Kairo News that the power hungry leader does not want to leave power. However, under the present circumstances, things are not going as planned which is why he wants to use anything under the hot sun to cling on to power. He is ready to use voodoo or black magic to bewitch the nation into submission.
One of the reasons for visiting the renowned marabout is to know the identities of Mr. Jammeh’s would-be 2016 contenders. His goal is to bewitch and render them useless well before they enter the election ring. It seems the President is not satisfied with his Gambian magicians, and he does not trust his messengers anymore. Our close insider states that Gambians must intensify the momentum because “nothing is working for President Jammeh anymore.” The trust he has with some of his close insider circle is also crumbling fast.
The Guinean witch doctors will be among a long list of sub-regional magicians Jammeh plans to seek blessings from in order to prolong his political career and tyranny.
Confidential sources reveal that Jammeh can give D250, 000 to a marabout without any hesitation. Marabouts in Cassamance, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania have all benefited from Gambian leader’s heavy spending. Some marabouts even said Jammeh will do anything his contracted marabouts ask on condition that they don’t offer any service to his (Jammeh’s) opponents. “He does not hide his jealousy when it comes to spiritual works,” said a presidential close aide. “Jammeh treats marabouts with respects and will even serve them food or sit on a mat while the marabout flounders on a comfortable sofa. But he is prepared to kill any marabout that deals with his political opponents.”


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