Jammeh and Macky

Jammeh and Macky: I will withdraw from Ecowas

It was the big weekend news that never materialized. What exactly have been the rumors fueling in every nook and cranny of The Gambia?

It is claimed that dictator Jammeh wanted to announce his intention to withdraw The Gambia from Economic Community of West African Ststes (ECOWAS) to tighten immigration rules in the country.  The Gambia is said to start soon oil exploration of substantial commercial value. So the Dictator thinks removing the country from ECOWAS would be am important starting point to ensure that only Gambians benefit from her resources. It is also rumoured that the Chinese are behind the oil venture. Insiders with the rumour hinted that removing Gambia from ECOWAS will be the quick ticket for this barbaric regime’s demise. There are other less credible reports of the dictator standing down. What a lazy thinking Gambians are engaging in. None of the speculations became real. As if Gambians have not understood President Jammeh’s desperate moves to cling on to power, they went to bed with high hopes that he would deliver a resignation speech in public. Now that this also turned out to be s hoax, what more is left on the plate of these enthusiastic bunch of people who expect Manna to fall from Heaven.   

On a separate note, Kairo News got some inside story of President Jammeh’s mindset over the weekend.

A special European adviser to he Gambian tyrant told Kairo News about Jammeh’s mindset. “Jammeh believes the world hates him for being a strong African Leader and a no nonsense Pan-Africanist”, said an expert who along with his colleagues endorsed the Gambian dictator’s project document to access EU and other development related funding. The expert said “The Gambia is in a deep mess, and in a very precarious situation that is different from many African countries.”

Our source highlighted that many African countries require the services of economic experts and agriculturist to sugarcoat their plea for EU, U.S and other development partners aid. However, the difference with The Gambia is that, “you have a President who betrays all protocols and even attempts to intimidate us European advisers. In a sense, if a President can intimidate foreign advisers, what will he do to people under his rule, under his government apparatus?”

The said ecpert was quizzex on the kind of services they provide and why they still execute such duties. His answer was like a stan on one’s back. “We are paid handsomely by African states to brush up their proposals so they can get the aid and grants. We do know that not all the funds ended reaching the very people they were solicited for. However, there are networks of EU country representatives and USAID staff who all want the funds to be provided, so that they too can continue being in a lucrative job.”

The expert revealed another interesting part of the Gambian leader. “Jammeh is very insecure, lonely, unpredictable and aggressive and for me, he has past his sell by date. Any day he spends as your president is a wasted period, a backward spiral for everyone.”

This is no news to Gambians who suffered serious irrational fallouts with Jammeh. If it becomes clear that Jammeh treats even his foreign advisers with contempt, the question that needs to be asked is: who does he respect or bow down to?



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