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After a careful study of political situation of the country , I have the belief that Gambians must prepare themselves that Yahya Jammeh will be removed violently from power . This is the last feasible option left for oppressed people . All signs indicate that Jammeh will not leave power peacefully as desire by many people . But for the truth to told , Yaya Jammeh’s violent removal depends on the several factors which are currently in play in The Gambia.

One of the most important factor is his refusal to allow reforms which includes constitutional reforms and electoral reforms to ensure free and Fair election and respect for fundamental rights of citizens. Jammeh’s refusal to even allow peaceful protesters to exercise their constitutional rights is the red line he has crossed and this will energize those who want to use violence means to prepare themselves for armed struggle , military intervention or any other violence means of regime change . Any call for the regime to follow democratic norms and standard always result to deafening silence or violence respond.

Since yaya Jammeh came to power , he has never respected the constitution of The Gambia which he was sworn to protect and uphold . His daily violations of constitution is another factor which justify the use of force as the only last resort for his removal from power . Like any other dictatorship , Yaya Jammeh has surround himself with people who didn’t care about the constitution of The Gambia and general welfare of citizenry . This is why even peaceful protest were crushed with maximum brutality.

Today , it is evidently clear to all decent and honest citizens that the only practical and feasible method which Jammeh will understand is the violence means. From historical perspective , there is no single dictator in modern age who voluntarily and peacefully leave power . This is because the dictators live on destruction of lives and properties of their fellow citizens. Such an insurmountable destruction they caused during the period they were in power has resulted to personal guilt, fear , paranoid and expectation of unknown negative consequences should they leave power, therefore they stay put as long as possible till the violence means arrived . This has the case for his former mentor Libyan dictator col Gaddafie, Iraq’s Saddan Huissain , Egypt’s Mubarak , Burkina fasso recent Dictator (who was forced out by popular uprising ) and other Dictators .

Yaya Jammeh is in this position . Gambians must understand that Yaya Jammeh is still middle-age adult who can rule for 20 years if we didn’t take drastic measures to end his rule in 2016. If Jammeh survive this year election , he would come up with a strategy that would make it even more difficult to remove him from power. His ultimate goal is to be crowned a king despite all odds against him. International community including ECOWAS has recognized that Yaya Jammeh is a threat to The Gambia’s national security as well as security threat to the subregion. Politically and economically , Yaya Jammeh and his regime are completely isolated and bankrupt . This is evidence in poor and worsening economic conditions in the country and worsening relationship with our immediate neighbor , Senegal.

Majority of Gambians have already experienced the worst economic condition of their lives thanks to irresponsible economic policies of the regime. Gambians of colonial days were better off than Gambians currently living under military dictatorship head by Yaya Jammeh . During colonial days and the first republic , Gambians were able to feed themselves because of sufficient farm produce in each farming season and there was little importation of basic commodities such as rice.

Today , Gambian population entirely depend on importation of food stuffs by the dictator for the country daily consumption Even though he claimed that his government made a strive in agricultural productivity. Yaya Jammeh’s cluelessness and lack of concern is even demonstrated by his political appointments of his tribemen majority of who are not qualify to fill key post in his government. Example, agriculture being the main contributor and backbone to the economy is head by Mr Ismaila Sanyang who has never studied agriculture in his life . The national security institutions such as the Gambia armed forces , national intelligence agency and The Gambia police force are all head by his tribesmen. Such an open discrimination and biasness is against our national security , fair treatment and integration.

Human resources of The Gambia which should have served as the only hope for our country’s development has been depleted . This also evidence in the massive exodus of youths through the backway to Europe due to high unemployment rate and abject poverty. Majority of these emigrants has no formal education or skills to improve their lives in The Gambia , as result they embarked on the most dangerous journey to Europe to look for economic and political security . Migration of Gambian expatriates or intellectuals to United States , U.K. and other western countries also causes serious depletion of intelligent minds needed for the country’s socioeconomic development.

Such a massive a massive brain-drain are mainly due to poor governance, poor economic policy and systemic discrimination and lack of employment opportunities in the country. Today , the number of Gambians living abroad is more than one hundred thousand according to various reports . Every Gambian has a choice to make to ensure that such a massive depletion of human resources come to an end. The only way we can reverse this trend is to change the regime so that we can achieve what Ghana has achieved after the return of democracy in their country.

The attitude of Gambian opposition parties in terms of lack of unity and common goal to fight for what is morally and constitutionally right is recipe for violence means of change .Some opposition leaders lack of concern and indifference to the rights of their fellow citizens will serve as a motivational factor for those citizens who are genuinely interest to save our country from civil war. Jammeh’s open tribal vitriol against Mandinkas and his instigation of tribal animosity is another recipe for civil war if sufficient and drastic , urgent measures are not taken to remove him from power . Hence Yaya Jammeh is a threat to our peaceful co-existence as people of one nation.

It is also further evidence in the attitude of majority Gambians who are also not showing their concern openly and are keeping quite about injustice in our country due to fear and intimidation , that a small patriotic citizens will take it upon themselves to violently remove the tyrant who is making life miserable for everyone. Gambians will recall that such violence means have been tried before but clearly and confidently history has been learned from past mistakes. Next time around it is either to cut of the head of snake or total destruction of its hiding place. This is the situation of our country .


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