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By Basirou Conateh

The Secretary General of the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism has described the Gambia’s assassinated senior editor as a “Sacrificial Lamb of the Gambia.”

Halifa Sallah told a symposium organised by the Gambia Press Union last week that “culture of impunity leads to culture of silence.”

Mr. Sallah, a leading Gambian sociologist and political commentator, said impunity happens for a reason. “There is impunity because power is unchecked, unrestrained and we must constantly remind them on issues,” Mr. Sallah said.

He said people must consciously make decision about their lives but this becomes problematic where governance is not properly addressed.

For the leader of the United Democratic Party, the onus lies on all Gambians to ask what can be done to defeat tyranny in their country. “We should all focus and ask ourselves what can be done to end impunity in the Gambia,” Lawyer Ousainou Darboe said.

Lawyer politician believes the Gambia is endowed with competent investigators to reach to the bottom of Deyda Hydara’s unsolved murder.

“Impunity affects all in the Gambia, and we all have a duty to come together and do something about it in the interest of the nation,” he said.

Minority Leader of Parliament said Hydara’s callous murder has left a dent on the Gambia’s image.

“We should tighten our belts to challenge the system to end impunity against our people,” Hon. Samba Bah said, insisting that Deyda Hydara’s murder chapter should have been if the right thing was done. “Ten years without justice is too much.”

The Managing Director of The Point, Pap Saine, renewed the call for the government to re-launch investigation into Hydara’s murder.



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