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It is a big relief to come across an article that proves the worth of a Gambian woman. The article, published shortly after President Yahya Jammeh hauled insults and mockery at Gambian women, explains why most men love to marry our women. The article runs contrary to President Jammeh’s disgusting remarks against our beautiful, dignified and hardworking women. Remarkably, the article is not authored by a Gambian, which rules out any symptom of bias or favouritism. Gambian women should therefore hold their heads high with pride and dignity instead of brooding over the unguarded remarks of a desperate, bully president. Read through and be the judge. It’s simply worth reading.

Why Do Most Men Love To Marry Gambian Women

It should come as no surprise that most men in the world, love a woman who can cook. There is just something so attractive and wonderful about women who can create all the things that your stomach craves.

Before getting married, one of the roles of young Gambian women in African tradition is to learn how to cook. Their parents made a choice by tasking out the cooking to the females. There was no gender bias there. It was just that Gambian women have better sense of smell and taste than males, and they have an eye for fine details, in earlier days when women were supposed to go to the field and get the vegetables for cooking, they had a fine and a soft texture in their hands which made it easier for them to say, which vegetable or fruit is just ripe to be cooked.. They were able to choose the right ones. And the consistency of the cooked food appreciated better by females.

Starting at a very young age, Gambian mothers teach and prepare their daughters to be suitable partners in marriage because in African tradition, a woman who can’t cook might be considered a worthless fellow. Remember cooking and serving food for others is the noblest deed for a person.


Gambian Beauty, JJ Jammeh with a friend in the Kitchen

Why do Gambian men love women who can cook? Why do they prefer them over women who can’t cook? Is it because men like to eat? Yes. Is it because the cliche saying that, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” is true? Definitely. Is it because a woman who can cook reminds them of their mom? Sure. But at the core of all those truths lies something simpler men love women who can cook because it means that their family will be taken care of.

Gambian Men are designed to protect and provide. When it comes to our families (or future families), we want to make sure that our children have the basic necessities food, water, shelter, and love.

Gambia women cook without cook book, because from generations women are thought how to cook without one. An African woman knows her ingredients for every meal which she wants to prepare. In the rural areas, it is very common to see women slicing onions in their bare palm, without a cut, a skill many dare to try. (I don’t think they would be interested if given a cutting board).

Don’t think cooking as an inferior task. Remember cooking and serving food for others is the most noblest deed for a person. And if you meet any house wife don’t make a mockery out of them telling that all you know is to cook even doing that job is not easy.

Doesn’t the whole “woman in the kitchen” idea just perpetuate the male dominated patriarchal culture in which we live? It sure does. I’m simply presenting the idea that men, given the choice, will always choose a woman who can cook over one who can’t.

One thing my wife loves about me is I like to help her while cooking. Every guy who is a husband of a working wife, should realize the difficulty with cooking and help out. There is absolutely nothing wrong in helping. And on a lighter note, when you cook together, psychologically the bonding and intimacy between the couple increases and it’s another way to keep renewing your romantic tacts.

But isn’t it hypocritical to demand something of someone else that you can’t do yourself? Absolutely. I’m in no way suggesting that men demand that their spouses can cook (unless, of course, they can cook). I wholeheartedly believe that you should never make your mate (or potential mate) live up to any expectation that you don’t. Having said that, both men and women, if you don’t know how to cook, learn!

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