pixlr_20160801114140172The caretaker leader of the opposition United Democratic Party has dispelled rumours milling in town that Yahya Jammeh has nailed the coffin on the UDP. Despite hiccups and blights, Mariam Secka said the main opposition party remains strong and that its members are highly spirited.

“Whilst we were busy on the court cases and to see that our people are free from illegal state abduction, the APRC government has also been busy bullying and intimidating our supporters in different parts of the country so that they can abandon the UDP. Some people have also used that as an opportunity going around the country telling people that the UDP is dead; that they should abandon the UDP and many other unfounded stories. This has created confusion across the country among our supporters we are told,” Mrs Secka told Brikama weekend rally, brushing aside misinformation that the UDP leadership has thrown in the towel. “There is no iota of truth in that.”

She said her party has been going through serious challenges since Ebrima Solo Sandeng, an executive member of the UDP was beaten to death and the arrest, detention and prosecution of the UDP leadership and supporters. “Notwithstanding the difficult situation the UDP is going through,” Mariam Secka added,  “our party leader and Secretary General, Alhagie Lawyer Ousainou Numukunda Darboe, has directed that we continue the grass root mobilization and recruitment of new members especially youths; knock from door to door, house to house, talk to everyone; Energize every party member to make sure we move on to make this party the greatest once again.”

Mrs. Secka had earlier asked a minute silence to be observed in memory of Mr. Sandeng, a man who had given his very best to his country and her people. Mariam was enticed by what she called “special love and respect Gambians, particularly the Darboe clan, have accorded to Lawyer Darboe.  “The Darboe clan has taught me a lot when it comes to standing tall with your relative. From now on, I am proud to be called Mariam Darboe,” she said, ordering President Yahya to release all political detainees unconditionally.



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