jk-and-his-marabouts-1132x670-1Stay away from food and drinks others provide on election day

After all his efforts to turn the tide in his favour have failed, President Yahya Jammeh aims to target poll agents of the opposition coalition of Candidate Adama Barrow.

Mr. Barrow has been backed by seven opposition parties and one independent candidate. Barrow’s popularity continues to widen as evidenced by his record rally turnouts. This is the first time Mr. Barrow is running for president.

Yahya Jammeh, on the other hand, is seeking a fifth term in office. He has been in office for 22 years. Jammeh has done everything under the hot sun to convince Gambian voters to give him one more mandate to accomplish his so-called development mission. The President’s messages have not correlated with his actions, which is why his campaign pitch falls on deaf ears. He is no longer the crowd pulling leader. And to make matters complicated and hard, Yahya Jammeh returns to his campaign of mudslinging, baloney and insults directed especially at the majority Mandinka tribe. Out of desperation, the isolated Dictator Jammeh threw jibes at Sarahule ethnic group, badmouthing them for rallying behind the opposition. In his poorly attended Basse rally, Jammeh accused Sarahules of acquiring Satanic wealth.

Mr. Jammeh is one person who neither admits failure nor defeat. He is looking for anything that will hand over victory to him. Who does Jammeh turn to other than spiritualists? He hired spiritualists from Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone to carry him to victory. “These spiritualists are already in the country working for President Jammeh,” said a source familiar with the story. “They made charms meant to hypnotise poll agents of the coalition. The hatched plot is to mix the charm with water and food,” said our source, warning opposition election agents from consuming any food or drink they (agents) have not brought.

“Whoever eats or drinks the charmed food or drink will be left at the mercy of Jammeh’s agents. You will do whatever they desire. I am warning all coalition agents or representatives to distance themselves from anything provided by others. Jammeh plans to use young girls to execute his hatched plans. Don’t trust food or drinks provided by the Independent Electoral Commission either. Keep away from even biscuits and sweets because they can be charmed by desperate Jammeh.”



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