UDPThe Leader of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) would not entertain arguments concerning his bail application in court today. Lawyer Ousainou Darboe insisted the state must produce all those arrested on April 14th, including Solo Sandeng.

UDP2IMG-20160425-WA0000Mr. Darboe and 36 other co-accused persons have been slapped six counts, including organising a protest without a permit.

Lawyer Darboe maintained that his release would be meaningless if his supporters were still unaccounted for. The lawyer politician said it would be immoral for him to go home and enjoy the comfort of his family when other people’s parents and children are missing and the state remains mute.

The Gambia government is yet to produce any of the missing April 14th protesters or come plain on what might have happened to them. The missing detainees are Solo Sandeng, Fatoumatta Jawara, Nogoi Njie and Modou Ngum.

From day one, the UDP leader was prepared to take the bullet for the long oppressed Gambians to regain their freedom. Darboe had prepared his family’s mentality, and remains in high spirit, despite difficult conditions at the Mile II prison.

Mr. Darboe wanted his party supporters to remain calm and law-abiding throughout.



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