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My Release Will Be Meaningless If…

The defiant United Democratic Party (UDP) leader and his comrades have returned to Mile II Prison after appearing before a judge this morning for bail application.

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and comrades return followed after so many sticking points were argued in the court, including the contentious issue of the whereabouts of Solo Sandeng and some of the youths who were arrested on April 14th.

Lawyer Darboe conditioned his bail on the government to produce Solo Sandeng dead or alive. He insisted that his release from prison would be meaningless if Solo, Ms Fatoumata Jawara and Ms Nokoi Njie as well as others arrested on April 14th were to remain in state custody.

Consequently the case has been adjourned to Monday April 25th when they will appear before the court once again. Lawyer and his executive as well as party militants arrested with him were in defiant mood. They insisted that what they are going through is a price worth paying for.

Interesting the state has today produced Ms Fatou Camara, one of the women arrested with Solo Sandeng on April 14th.

Earlier in the morning, Lawyer Darboe and co were brought in court under heavy security. Very few people were allowed in the court room. But the vast majority of the UDP supporters defiantly waited outside the perimeter fence of the courthouse.

Interestingly, the case attracted huge interest from even diplomats accredited to Banjul some of whom sent representatives to observe the court proceedings.



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