DarboeIn a defiant tone reminiscent of a hero, Gambian opposition leader has told Justice Eunice O. Dada Oshin of the High Court in Banjul to deliver her twisted, wrong verdict today.

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe made his statement when called upon to give their defence against the seven allegations levelled against them. Lawyer Darboe stood up, repeatedly telling Yahya Jammeh’s Mercenary Judge ‘we’ve told you time and time that the trial is a farce and a miscarriage of justice. And we reiterate that we will not help you legitimise this sham process. I urge you to conclude to verdict right now. We’re committed to the cause of justice and political freedom in the Gambia.”

At this juncture, the Nigerian Judge decided to adjourn the case until Wednesday, July 20th when she will deliver judgment in a politically motivated case.

Lawyer Darboe interrupted Justice Dada, telling her “please give your verdict right now so that people can know how wrong this whole process is. There is no need for adjournment since you were unfair from the begining to now.”

The Judge continued and said ‘the case is adjourned till Wednesday 4pm for her verdict.”

UDP supporters and well-wishers acclaimed Darboe and 19 others for their defiance stance. They term their action as legendary and bravery.

Justice Dada’s scheduled verdict will be delivered against innocent opposition leadership and supporters whose only crime is to launch a peaceful protest demanding Ebrima Solo Sandeng dead or alive. While armless citizens have been remanded, the cold-blooded murderers of Mr. Sandeng walk on the streets freely. The case symbolises defiance against Yahya Jammeh’s more than two decades of ruthless oppression.



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