jammehA sitting councilor of Sarre Ngai Ward in Upper River Region (URR) has challenged “the lack of term limit for the Gambia’s elected officials.”

Menkeh Ebrima Barrow insisted the need for term limit across the board, especially for the President. He said allowing political leaders to “rule as long as they wish would only make them more corrupt.”

Councilor Barrow made the fiery comments at a regional outreach forum for National Assembly Members of Central River Region and URR in Janjanbureh last month. Mr. Barrow wondered why the Local Government Act pegs a ten-year term limit for councilors leaving legislators and the President to run freely. “Why is the same thing not extended to the National Assembly Members and the President”, Councilor Barrow was quoted as saying by Gambia Watch Dog [www.gambiawatchdog.com].

Barrow also lodged a complaint about local government’s failure to pay councilors monthly salaries. He said Gambian councilors are paid only D1500 as monthly allowance, which is far less than their cost of living expenses. Consequently, councilors have been forced to concentrate on other means of getting money to provide bread and butter for their families. These councilors have become victims of lack of motivation.

Councilor Barrow’s blistering comments did not go down well with the Majority Leader of the National Assembly, Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta, who raised concerns that such comments are capable of causing tension.



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