Dr. SaineAs we usher in yet another year of Yahya Jammeh’s brutal rule, CORDEG [Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in the Gambia] would like to express a heartfelt sympathy to all the families that have either lost loved ones, faced or continue to face persecution in the hands of this brutal regime. The sad reality is, not a single family in the Gambia, has gone untouched by Yahya Jammeh’s wrath – it has been a disastrous 20 years for Gambians.

On this day of infamy, we urge all Gambians to take stock of the last two decades, and contemplate ways to remedy the situation- we do not deserve this madness. Let us all join hands and redouble our efforts to see an end to this criminal regime.

CORDEG, through legal means, and in solidarity with political parties, progressive groups, and individuals, stands ready to work for peaceful democratic change in The Gambia

The time for action is now!!!

Abdoulaye Saine



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