pixlrEvidently, not only President Yahya Jammeh has been shakened by a coalition of seven Gambian opposition parties. Most of Mr. Jammeh’s officials seem unprepared for a unity coalition. They all murmur their shock except the Army Chief of Staff, Lt. General Ousman Badjie, who has been selling fear and hatred in military installations in the country.
Insider sources said CDS Badjie had not expected that major opposition parties would agree to field in a single candidate against President Jammeh on December 1st elections.
During impromptu meetings with soldiers and paramilitary officers, Badjie’s mantra had been “Mandinkas want to start violence and they must be stopped. Jolas (Badjie’s tribe) danced for the Mandinkas for 30 years, but we wonder why they (Mandinkas) don’t want Jammeh anymore after 20 years,” hate-filled Badjie said, ordering the army “to be ready to kill any troublemakers because nothing will come out of it.”
Badjie, whose audiences felt disturbed by his alcohol stench, also instilled fear among security officers saying most of them are illiterates and that a change of government means loss of their jobs. “Therefore,” Badjie added, “your salvation lies to your undivided support for President Jammeh. You must support the President if you want your job,” he said, describing the security forces as Jammeh’s last hope.
Lt. General Badjie has pre-empted President Jammeh’s campaign mantra which hinges on tribalism instead of on policies and programmes. “President Jammeh’s goal is to make the campaign about Mandinka-Jola issue rather than opposition party versus ruling party,” our sources said, warning people to be wary of any outbreak of violence by a desperate leader who knows his leadership has come to an end. “Provoking violence will be the last kicks of a dying horse.”


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