GAMB0001Christmas is coming!!!

By Paul Gomez


Christmas is coming and it is a festive season that we Christians cherish and have been celebrating with our Muslim relatives and friends since time immemorial. I hope and pray that we continue to celebrate and enjoy Christmas and other Christian feasts in an atmosphere where Christian and Muslims live together in peace and harmony. I hope that Southern Delight Bar and Grill will be open so that we can continue to enjoy ourselves. Today our Christian way of life is threatened by the introduction of Islamic Sharia Law which will be fully implemented if Jammeh wins in the December polls. Voting for Jammeh means advancing the implementation of Islamic Sharia Law. We can stop this by voting for the Coalition. This issue is bigger than Mandinkas versus the rest. This is our future as a people, a people who have served this nation and adopted and gave education to many Non Christians including former President Jawara and now President Yahya Jammeh. Now we are about to be relegated to second class citizen status.      Please guys vote with your heads  for our future and the future our Christian community and way of life. Our future is to vote Jammeh out of office come 1st December. Let us protect our religion.


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