sukaiCharge Sheet 1 Charge Sheet 2 Charge Sheet 3 Charge Sheet 4As the situation in the Gambia gets more and more tense for President Jammeh’s security officers are compounding the situation for him by charging more people with ridiculous offences. The women who were arrested on Monday appeared before Magistrate Hilary Abeke at the Kanifing Magistrate court on Thursday.

One of the women in the dock, Ms Sukai Dahaba collapsed, prompting the Magistrate to call for her to be given medical attention. This was not heeded to by the police. The case resumes at Kanifing magistrate court on Monday. The resistance is taking shape and changing the dynamics of Gambian politics. Ordinary people are defying the odds, risking themselves to the frontline whilst the political elites looks around for easy solution in tackling an entrenched tyrant.



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