NIA agent Joseph Jarjou now Serign Jarjou 

Journalist Fabakary Ceesay has got this short description of a very evil and wicked National Intelligence Agency officer based at the Mile 2 central prisons. He is said to be nasty to the peaceful protest prisoners and never show any remorse or care when dealing with them. His pathological hatred against them is noted by all detained prisoners.

Thank God the Nogoi Njie story is compelling Gambians to expose all those who hold dictator Jammeh’s wicked machinery. More NIAs will be exposed.

Below is a background information on this evildoer.

“I got him pants down. Born in a village called KALING near Kanilai as JOSEPH JARJOU, this man — pictured above — attended Kanilai Primary school and later converted to Islam. He is now called Serign Jarjou.

He is a trained NIA attached to Mile II disciplinary and intelligence unit. He always accompanies prisoners to court and report directly to David Colley. This man has implicated many of his colleagues and prisoners as well.”

Fabakary B. Ceesay



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