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Amir al-Mu’minin (Jammeh’s new title)

Amir al-Mu’minin (Commander of The Faithful Believers) President Jammeh’s new title. There is comedy going at the bizarre Gambian Presidential residence in Banjul.

Religious leaders gathered to bestow even more ridiculous noble and high sounding titles and honour on the Gambian dictator. The Banjul Imam, state that the new title is way ahead of Nasirudeen. The new title will mean, President Jammeh will have the longest name among the world’s head of states. Some describe this behavior as serious inferiority complex, which Jammeh could shed away for 20 years of Presidency.

The Gambia is currently a basket case, where religious elder race to the bottom. Readers have to remember, Yahya Jammeh is a fetish, who mix Islam with his secretive cult worship.

Leader of the Believers is what our sources are saying, the Imam of Banjul conferred on President Jammeh. The Supreme Islamic Council has long been politicized and corrupted by the APRC government. They have bestowed a never heard of title in the Gambia, Nasirudeen few years ago. As Gambians deal with that shock and horror, a new title first coin for Muslim Caliph Umar Ibn Khatab 1300 years ago, has now resurface in the Gambia.

The Banjul Imam found it fitting to grant President Jammeh a title only fitting for leaders who rule with religious edit and commandment is not only scandalous, but truly sad.

Kairo news will update readers on the full extent of the drama at State house right now. Among the speakers in include, M L Touray, Alieu Mboge, Cherno Kah and others.


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