UDP Supporters!

Members of the United Democratic Party (UDP’s) Task Force were arrested in the Kombo South village of Madiana while on an engagement tour.  Party militants are said to be determined to continue their efforts of engaging the grassroots youth supporters.

The opposition activists were invited to meet over 500 Kombo South party supporters in the task force effort to sensitize more people on the state of affairs in the country. The activists, who were legally meeting party supporters in a compound, were surrounded by a convoy of police officers, and taken to Tujeran police station.

The arrested UDP militants were later moved to the Bundung police station , with the Bundung police Station Officer heading the convoy. The arrested youths leaders include: Jerre Fatty, Fakeba Kolly, Falang Sonko, Baby Sonko, Maimuna Darboe, Lang Marong, among others were arrested at Madiyana village, later taken to Tujerang police station before being transferred to Bundung police station where they are currently detained.

The UDP youth Secretary Mr Solo Sandeng who arrived late at the scene had his mobile phone confiscated by the police in his attempt to  alert family members of the arrested female militants. At the time of going to press Mr Solo Sandeng is said to be at the Tujereng police station were Baby Sonko and Maimuna Darboe are still being held.

When contacted, the United Democratic Party leader, lawyer Ousainou Darboe call for the immediate and unconditional release of his party activist, “the youths are within their rights to gather and talk about party matters in a private property Lawyer Darboe stated.” He went on to say “it is a provocation on the side of the police to disrupt and further arrest the youths whilst engaging in lawful activity, this behavior has to stop, he warn”.

It can be recalled that, the UDP youth Secretary Mr Solo Sandeng was arrested and detain for days without being charged. He was re-arrested after being release and charged with “providing false information to a public officer” after the Tanje youth forum.  The country is unstable and tense. Kairow news will keep you updated on the events.


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