DeceasedA native of Sandu Misera village on Thursday became the latest casualty of President Yahya Jammeh’s meet the people’s tour.

Lamin Sanneh, believed to be aged below 10 years, was hit and killed by a double cabin pickup at Kanube village in Fulladu East district, about 8 kilometers from Basse. Doctors at Basse Major Health Center confirmed Lamin’s death.

The incident occurred at 13:15 PM last Thursday as the president’s entourage headed to Basse.

The victim’s untimely death resulted shortly after he arrived in Kanube for a family visit. “Myself and Lamin walked 8 kilometers from Misera to Kanube to visit my daughter Haja Damba who gave birth,” the victim’s grandmother Fanta Malang told our correspondent.

Lamin was knocked to death by a vehicle registration number GIBOS 9 while crossing the road. Eyewitnesses said the vehicle that killed Lamin was carrying prison officers on tour with President Jammeh.

The vehicle’s driver said he had 20 years of clean driving record. “I have never hit a chicken talk less of a human being,” Abdoulie Touray said, expressing worry about the child’s death. The driver denied overspeeding was responsible for the incident.

Our correspondent saw the grieving family at Basse Health Center. Before the lifeless body was transported to Kanube for burial, Lamin’s mother Nyima Damba said the death was destined by God. A relative of the deceased described Lamin as “a true Muslim who is always at the mosque for prayers. I always send Lamin to the shop,” Suntu Danjo said.

For ethical consideration, Kairo News decided to edit the minor victim’s picture.



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