The article on Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty seeking answers on the forensic lab needs to be scrutinises. Mr. Editor, your editorial prerogative to publish or not to publish cannot be questioned.

However, I want say that in a New Gambia where freedom of expression should be encouraged, we must be wary of former NIA operatives who hide behind pseudonyms to throw mud at government officials with the intention of causing public disaffection for the government or a particular government minister. The target for many such has been the interior minister who by all accounts is doing as good a job as any cabinet minister.

The so-called “Barrow government supporter” is none other than a sly former NIA operative trying to sow discord between Barrow and his minister. Does he not realise that the Minister of Interior does not operate a parallel government. All his actions with regard to how the department is run must be in full compliance with the President’s wishes. If he wants answers to his questions like where “funds for forensic lab are deposited and the bank account number”, he should ask the finance minister and the governor of central bank, since he seems to believe that these officials are answerable to him. I would advise the said author to openly present himself at one of the minister’s press conferences, and ask these questions directly, rather than anonymously applying the “Pa Nderry” style insinuations on newspapers. In a New Gambia, no one should hide behind false names to address issues of governance issues. Only those with alterior agenda do.

Modou Kaba Fatty



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