jammehBy Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands

Folks it is logical that when someone badly needs help and hears another person offering it, he or she will do anything possible to reach for the help no matter what may cost.

When our lunatic and shameless President claimed that he can cure Aids, asthma, tuberculosis, diabetes and many other ailments, people came from all corners of the country, others even came from neighbouring countries with the hope of being cured by him. It is about time Gambians be conscious about their health and safety because as far as President Jammeh is concern, right and medical diagnosis is irrelevant. Moreover, he gives no regards to dosage, side-effects and consequences of his concoction. His patients are left with no choices of discontinuing his treatment and/or opting for treatment at medical centres. For him, one is compelled to takes his treatment or rot in hell.

I wonder if there is any medical regulatory body and looks into the qualification of any medical practitioner before been posted at medical centres and dispensing treatment and medication. If so, why is that body not vetting His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Alhaji Yahya Abdul Aziz Jamus Junkung Jammeh Amir-al Muminin Babili Mansa’s claims that he has cures for ailments such as HIV?AIDS, and now Ebola? My brothers and sisters, we all know that not all who have doctorate titles are medical doctors. Consequently, for President Jammeh to be conferred with an honorary Doctorate degree does not qualify him to become a medical doctor. So brothers and sisters, President Jammeh is not a medical doctor, the tittle doctor he is carrying is a fake doctor not a professional doctor, he cannot even pass as an auxiliary nurse more especially a medical doctor. Therefore, going to President Jammeh for medical treatment tantamount to committing suicide because the so-call medicine he is dispensing is deadly concoctions whose exact side-effects and dosage he does not know.

My fellow Gambians and My fellow Africans at large, President Jammeh is a murder and suffice it to say he has killed many Gambians and Africans with guns, knives, cutlasses, torture and many other means. As if that is not enough, now he has decided to use EBOLA as his new killer machine by claiming that he can cure it. Ebola Virus is presently one of the deadliest enemies of humankind and needless to say anyone suffering from the Ebola Virus only desires to reach and get the right cure irrespective where and who gives it. If President Jammeh can truly cure Ebola Virus, then why didn’t he mention it in his speech at the United Nation General Assembly as he mentioned other things that are affecting people?

Thanks to Allah (SWT), there is no single confirmed case of Ebola Virus in The Gambia. Now this idiot calling himself a president claims that he can cure Ebola Virus thus enticing Ebola patients to travel to The Gambia in order to be treated for them to be cured by this SON OF A Bxxxh. Brothers and sisters whether you believe me or not, anytime these Ebola patients cross the border into the Gambia before they reach this bastxxd so-called medicine man, many Gambians will be infected with Ebola virus and eventually die as the Dictator is a fake medical doctor. Mr. President stop lying to the Gambian people. Stop lying to the African people and stop lying to the world by claiming that you can cure aids, tuberculosis, asthma, diabetes and now Ebola Virus. Why didn’t you because if you have that kind of powerful medicines, then you would have cure your sick daughter Mariama Jammeh, your sick son Mohammed Lamin Jammeh and your mother mother Aja Asombie Bojang Mr. President, if you truly can cure all these ailments? Nevertheless, Mr. President, the late Robert Nester Marley (Bob) said, you can “fool some people some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

Mr President, how dare you to go to the national television and other public gatherings claiming that you can cure various diseases whiles on the bottom of your heart you know that you are lying and you know that there are many other people who know that you are lying?



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