Dusty road of linking Basse, Wulli and Sandou. What a major health hazard! 

The Former MP for Wulli Nyakoi area Honourable Sedia Jatta will be disgusted with the current state of the main road linking Basse, Wulli and Sandou district. Travellers and public transport owners have sent photos to Kairo News complaining of the daily woes they encounter during the terrifying and dangerous journeys.

The dust inhalation and associated health risk are complicating matters every day. Below are some of the health risk of dusty and muddy roads:

Dust becomes toxic when present in excessive amounts whether inside or outside homes. The toxicity can be attributed to both material composition of the dust contaminants and living organisms present in the dust such as moulds and dust mites. House dust mites (microscopic eight-legged creatures also known as HDM) feed on flakes of shed human skin. – See more at: http://www.toomuchof.com/dust-in-house/#sthash.3bB2T2jp.dpuf


I am urging the Minister responsible for roads to act and end the nightmares of fellow Wulli and Sandou people. Imagine the dangers to pregnant women, very poorly older people, and the sick. I urge the current APRC MPs for Wulli and Sandou to stop nodding off in parliament and speak up on the plight of their people. The list below can be some of the further health risks:

Adverse health conditions caused by the dust depend on the prevalence of specific toxins found within living environment. Health damaging conditions are frequently associated with the following Allergic reactions and increased risk of asthma associated with dust mites and proteases contained within dust mites’ feces Sick building syndrome – intoxication by mold particles that may lead to many conditions, including but not limited to fungal infections and those reminiscent of inflammatory systemic illnesses, Dermatitis from internal and topical contaminant intoxication, Breathing problems and lung damage caused by scarring (Fibrosis) from excessive inhalation of chemical dust contaminants, Systemic illnesses invoked by blood intoxication with chemical agents and organic microorganism, Difficulty breathing and sleeping due to blocked sinuses, Depression and anxiety associated with resulting systemic illnesses – See more at: http://www.toomuchof.com/dust-in-house/#sthash.3bB2T2jp.dpuf

Wullingkas and Sandougkas contacted me, complaining of their woes, the neglect and daily sufferings. The road needs to be fixed.

By Suntou Bolongaba (native of Wulli and Sandou)

Former WUlli MP Sedia Jatta

Former WUlli MP Sedia Jatta is call to speak out on the bad state of Basse to Wulli road.


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