A Gambian civil society and political activist surrendered himself to the agents of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) earlier on Wednesday to avoid arrest in his Atlanta home. Banka Manneh’s surrender is believed to be in connection to the December 30 foiled coup attempt in The Gambia.

Mr. Manneh is an executive member of the Civil Society Association of Gambia and Safe The Gambua Democracy Project. Until last January when he threw in his towel, Banka was the Comunication Director of the Committee for the Restoration of Democracy to The Gambia. Mr Manneh is a media personality and a vocal member of the Gambian dissident movement in the Diaspora who attended several conferences in furtherance of the struggle to restore democracy and rule of law in The Gambia.

According to impeccable sources, the Brufut native was briefly detained by agents of the FBI after an early morning raid on his house in Atlanta on the 12 of March 2015.

The FBI agents had earlier stormed Mr. Manneh’s house with a search warrant. They seized computers, documents and cellphones.  It was after the raid that Mr Manneh consulted his lawyer who advised him to surrender to the FBI agents in Minnesota. Banka Manneh is expected to appear in court on Thursday, March 19th, 2015.

Mr Manneh is the fourth person to be arrested by the United States in connection to the December 2014 attack.  Earlier suspects – Cherno Njie, Papa Faal and Alagie Saidy Barrow – have been accused of violating ‘the Neutrality Act’ between the the United States and a friendly nation. Kairo News will follow developments on Mr Manneh’s case.



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