bala-jahumpha-sKairo News sources have confirmed that the Gambia’s Minister of Transport and Infrastructure is still admitted at Madid hospital. This contradicts an earlier report published on the pro-government Daily Observer that Bala Garba Jahumpa was released from hospital.

Mr. Jahumpa was airlifted to Spain for further medical treatment last month after his car was involved in an auto crash. Jahumpa, who was on a country-wide tour with President Yahya Jammeh, was reported to have fractures in his backbone. Jammeh’s annual meet the people’s tour has been punctuated with fatal accidents, this year being no exception as evidenced by the knocking to death of a Sandu Misera by a vehicle on tour with Mr. Jammeh.

“I can confirm that Balla Garba Jahumpa is still in hospital,” our source insisted. “Mr. Jahumpa had been in a coma for more than 24 hours after the accident. He opened his eyes and started talking at the hospital,” our sources said, adding he is recovering even though it will take some time before he fully recovers. “It is not true that Balla Jahumpa is released from hospital,”our source confirmed, questioning why the Daily Observer would jump to conclusion on what is not true. “It’s the usual propaganda the Observer has been known for.”




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