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President Jammeh’s God father and mentor (Baba Kali Jobe RIP)

Yahya Jammeh’s legacy of Military Dictatorship, political thuggery and oppression.

My attempt to write summary of the legacies of Mr Baba K Jobe was born out of thorough study of our Gambian military dictatorship which I believe was build on the ideas of Mr Jobe, through his extensive military training in Libya, significant knowledge and experience of dictatorship he studied when he was in Libya and elsewhere.

Baba Kajali Jobe was a Gambian citizen who hailed from Jarra Karantaba and he came from large extended family like most Gambians.  Baba K. Jobe spend large part of his youthful life in Libya where he had his extensive military training in Mathaba centre where revolutionary ideals or philosophy of former Libyan Dictator Colonel Gaddafi was taught. Like many Africans who had training in Libya, Baba Jobe became trusted and closed friend of Libyan leader and most of his senior officers. He was send on clandestine missions to South America , Cuba and other places. He had significant experiences of how military dictatorship works because of his personal relationship with dictators.

Here is why I think he is the chief Architect of military Dictatorship in our country:

Military Dictatorship
Baba K. Jobe was first consulted by Jammeh during the first two years of military junta. At the time Jammeh and his gangs of semi-illiterate officers were looking for a Gambian who would connect them to Libyan leader so that the junta could be recognized at international level as well as be able to secure financial assistance. To their discovery , Baba k. Jobe became their point of interest because he had excellent relationship with Libyan leader. After consultation with Libyan leader, Baba and Jammeh made agreement for him to return home to help Jammeh establish his vision and this was agreed upon by colonel Gaddafi.

This agreement included significant monetary benefits, political patronage as well as his personal security. Baba Jobe returned to The Gambia during the military transition period and he was first appointed as assistant secretary office of the president with the responsibility of helping the president to connect with Arab leaders who would help the president with Gambian economic situation.

It was during this time that a lot countries didn’t recognize the junta and British travel ban was in effect. Jammeh’s main aim to have Mr Jobe was to achieve his vision to follow the foot steps of colonel Gaddafi. Baba became the right person to help him achieve his ultimate goals. At the time , other members of the junta were not aware of this plan. This was why Baba K. Jobe became chief Architect of military dictatorship. During his tenure under office of the president , Mr Jobe had so many secret meetings with the president according to sources. He came up with an idea of Libyan style dictatorship which enable Jammeh to have total grip of the military and power. He also came with an ideas to help Jammeh to have members of security leaderships to be exactly like Libya under colonel Gaddafie.

Under this national security leadership structure, the security forces and its leadership will be divided into blood or closed family relatives of dictator jammeh, members of Jammeh tribe and also Allied tribes security members to Jammeh’s tribe ( these are officers in The Gambia military who formed allegiance to Jammeh). All these subsections of this structure can also be found in police forces, NIA and the military. This is why even today as we speak, all the head of security apparatus are headed by members of Jammeh’s Jola tribe. This will help Jammeh to have total control of security and any opposition military coup will be doomed to fail.

Baba K. Jobe also came with an idea of establishment of 22nd July movement which is like militia forces connected to the military and NIA. Gambians will recall that during the the early days of this movement , members of July 22nd movement mounted checkpoints in various parts of the country. There were significant number of members of this movement who had their training in Libya with the help of Baba K Jobe. The sole purpose of this movement is to protect Jammeh’s personal interest including his security and intimidation of political opponents . This is why I believe Baba Jobe is the Architect of APRC dictatorship because has help to laid the foundation of dictatorship which Jammeh has been enjoying for past 21 years in the form of security protection and intimidation .

Baba Jobe became chief political strategist in 1996 and 2001 elections. According to sources , He came with an idea that the president should have absolute power which gave Jammeh power to appoint and fire Chiefs , alkalo and even fire members of Aprc . This was done through constitutional provision approved by National Assembly which allowed the president to do this hiring and firing as well as Aprc constitution which also allowed the president to fire its members if they go against Jammeh’s will. All these dictatorial characters were advocated and supported by ruthless political operative , Baba k Jobe.

Baba K. Jobe became a majority leader in the National Assembly after 2001 election. During his tenure , second round of voting was removed from the constitution , presidential term limits was removed , and media commission bill was enacted which limits press freedom and freedom of speech. Baba K. Jobe epitomized political oppression , suppression of citizens constitutional rights such as freedom of speech and political association . These political prostitution resulted to out of wedlock child called 2015 election act amendment . This election act 2015 will give Jammeh constitutional monarchy .
Baba k. Jobe also help to establish National Patriotic student union after April 10, 2000 student demonstration. This new student union was established to undermine
Gamsu which was the umbrella student union and was powerful at the time . Through the influence of Mr Jobe and the president, members of this student union became NIA operatives , which therefore lead to the control of student union and political life of Gambian students in general . Jammeh also recognized that Baba K Jobe came from opposition stronghold , he therefore used him as his chief political strategist to win the support of prominent opposition members.

Jammeh gave Baba Jobe significant amount of money from youth development enterprise to tune of $5 million dollars for his political support and campaign . Baba Jobe used this money and intimidation to get support and was able to build strong political support for Jammeh in all the Regions of the country including opposition strongholds like Baddibu , kiang and Jarra . This idea of political patronage was agreed upon in Libya before he came to Gambia and it was in Libya where he learned this idea. This is because colonel Gaddafi gave millions of dollars to his closed political supporters so that he was able to have total control of his political opponents .

Baba Jobe mobilized green boys or 22nd July members as political thugs to attack opposition UDP Supporters across the country . This leads to Basse incident , Denton bridge and many frequent intimidations of his opponents with death, torture and arrest . This made Baba K Jobe a ruthless political thug who build the foundation of such political climate in our country . His flamboyant Styles , arrogance and firing of his perceived enemy from positions in the government is the testament of man who embody dictatorship . To be fair to him , he initiated scholarship foundation to help poor people of Jarra according to the report .
It is therefore fair to say that Baba Jobe was the true Architect of APRC dictatorship in The Gambia and the mentor of President Yahya Jammeh because he laid the foundation of our current predicament through the ideas and experience he learned from Libya . Most of the policies he advocated and supported are today making it extremely difficult to remove Jammeh from power. The current National Assembly is building on his foundation. I believe historian will see Baba as a face of terrorism , political oppression , and corrupt ruthless political operative who was used , dumped at mile two central prison and eventually eliminated from The Gambia political scene .

Rest in peace the God father of APRC and tutor of President Jammeh.



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