Kairo News has just been informed about the firing of the Gambia’s Chief Justice. Justice Emmanuel Fagbenle’s firing resulted from Justice Otaba’s debacle. After being pranked by Fatou Radio Network, High Court Judge Ottaba on Monday recused himself from handling court cases of detained opposition peaceful protesters. Ottaba, who admitted being embarrassed by the detention of a high profile lawyer for exercising his right, denied opposition leader Ousainou Darboe citing national security as the reason.

The Nigerian born Chief Justice, formerly the President of Appeals Court and Director of Public Prosecution, is reportedly blamed for allowing Justice Otaba to blink in the middle of a fight. Fagbenle was earlier arrested and detained by intelligence agents before his firing.  He was an acting Chief Justice for several months before his confirmation on May 12th last year.

Fagbenle’s firing followed that of the Solicitor General last week. No reasons have been publicly advanced for the firing.

Since he seized power through force in July 1994, former army captain Yahya Jammeh has fired more people in the Justice Ministry than any other Ministry.


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