Gambian referee Bakary Gassama at world cup

The Gambia have arrived at the world cup, as ‘Our man in black’ will decide group B match.

The world cup fever has hit the small football loving West African country from the start. The Brazil world cup is proving to be unpredictable and entertaining at the same time, with many bad refereeing decisions being made. Also, football underdogs like Iran, Bosnia, etc have performed beyond expectations, whilst current holder, Spain, could not advance to the next round. An experienced Gambian referee, Bakary Gassama, will officiate the crucial Group B match between Netherlands (Holland) and Chile.

The Gambian football official contingent will be on the world stage on Monday afternoon. A Gambian veteran football fan’s expectation about Mr Gassama’s performance is high. Gassama’s takes over the pitch after complaints of bad refereeing involving Brazil and many other top teams.

Mr Gassama should be alerted that, all eyes are on him and that, the masses of Gambian football fans will back him so long as he remains composed and stands his ground. Referees tend to be soft on superstar players and play actors, however, Mr Bakary Gassama owes it to the Gambia, and Africa at large to come out of the game a much respected referee. At least, the Gambia will be proud to have our own ‘man in the black’ in the world centre stage.

Mr Gassama is known to be a firm and fair referee. However, tomorrow’s game will be a litmus test to his experience, career and character.



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