Ebrima Jawara blows trumpets for President Jammeh!

After 23 years of clean work experience in government, the Financial Controller of Department of Agriculture was left with no choice other than run to safeguard his dignity and security.

“Lamin Touray has been pushed to the brink,” a trusted source in Banjul told Kairo News.

Until last November, Lamin Touray controls the finances of Participatory Integrated Watershed Management Development Project (PIWAMP), Sustainable Land Management Project (SLMP) and National Agriculural Land and Water Management Development Project (Nema), a $65 million dollar project. “He has left behind a clean record.”

The projects, financed by IFAD, African Development Bank, and Global Environmental Facility and Islamic Development Bank through grants and loans, will directly benefit over 22, 000 Gambian households.

“As the custodian of project finances, Lamin Touray had become a prime target of the Permanent Secretary Ebrima Jawara and his deputy Assan Jallow,” a source confirmed.

Ebrima Jawara, the son of former Gambian President who has been blowing trumpet for President Jammeh, is accused of mounting a campaign of witch hunt.

“In a bid to put his mission into reality, Mr. Jawara set up a project monitoring team. Instead of assessing the progress or viability of the projects, Ebrima and Assan started their witch hunt exercise aimed at getting rid of qualified officials. They seize project files and send them to State House where they conspire against targeted officials,” an insider said. “They will create fault for you, no matter how clean your hands are,” an official of Agriculture in Banjul said.

“Lamin Touray fled the Gambia on the night of November 14, 2014 after he was asked to surrender his travel documents. Prior to that secret agents led by  Jerreh Jammeh asked Mr. Touray to produce and photocopy accounting files dating back to 2006. They found no discrepancy but still want him to surrender his travel papers,” a source said. “What more choice does Mr. Touray have other than run for his life? Almost all his bosses have been framed, arrested, detained and slapped with trump up charges.”

Kairo News has gathered that state security agents have since been harassing neighbours and relatives of Mr. Touray.



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