The African diaspora, under the leadership of the United African Community Organization (UACO), in solidarity with the Gambian Association of Michigan under the leadership of Samba Johm, the Wixom African Association under the leadership of Mr. Modou Ceesay wish to invite the African Community to a peaceful demonstration in the city of Detroit on Saturday December 31,2016 at 17316 West McNichols Rd. Detroit 48235 at 12pm.

This peaceful demonstration is in response to events in the Gambia after the December 1 election which was won by the Coalition and the current president, Yahya Jammeh conceded defeat to the president-elect, Adama Barrow. Barely a week after conceding defeat, President Jammeh rejected the results of the election and annulled them as well, citing irregularities in the counting of the votes. A recount by the Independent Electoral Commission still concluded that the Coalition under Adama Barrow, won the election.
Following this incident, ECOWAS sent a delegation comprised of the Presidents of Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana and Sierra Leone who visited president Jammeh in the Gambia to convince him to honour the wishes of the Gambian electorate but to this day, he is defiant. According to the constitution of the Gambia, the new government should be inaugurated on January 19, 2017 and failure by President Jammeh to relinquish power on the said date, could lead to a military intervention by ECOWAS and the United African Community Organization joins all peace loving people to carry out this peaceful demonstration in the hope that President Jammeh will hand over power peacefully. This will the the first peaceful transfer of power in the tiny Smiling Coast of Africa (Gambia) post independence from Britain in 1965.

This demonstration is led by the Executive Director of UACO, Dr. Salewa Ola who was a former United Nations Consultant and a renowned activist who served as the Chairman of the powerful Nigeria Forum for Democracy (USA) in the 1990s which confronted then and late General Sanni Abacha and his junta. Dr. Ola was jailed in Nigeria by the military regime for been outspoken and critic of the military rule in Nigeria in 1993. He was later released from prison at the intervention of the United Nations.

Under the presidency of Banny Doumbia, UACO and it’s executive body is convening a host of other African countries to join with the Gambian community to show solidarity with the Gambian people. UACO is made up of many African National Organizations among which are Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Benin, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Mali, Niger to mention a few.

Issued by UACO



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