We all love the Gambia, but some love their personal agenda a bit more

On Thursday September 11, 2014, an initiative called The Gambia Democracy Challenge was launched. Its purpose is to serve as the primary vehicle for mobilizing resources from all Gambians who recognize the fierce urgency we face as a nation. As is the case throughout history, nations that aspire to free themselves from the clutches of tyranny must draw from the goodwill and participation of their citizens to muster the required resources to see their struggle through.

This is why a solemn appeal is being made to every one of our citizens aggrieved at what is happening to our nation and its people to donate at least ten dollars to a general fund to be managed transparently by a small team of custodians who are responsible only to the donors. With funds in hand, both the pace and direction of our struggle would be enhanced because of the inherent leverage that comes with having money in the bank.

To succeed, participation in the challenge has to be broad in scope, sustained over time, and project numerical strength. With the help of technology, nearly every Gambian with some access to the internet will be aware of this national call within a short period of time. Let us make history together by having money in the bank to help successfully wage a liberation struggle.

Here is how you can do your part by going to: www.gofundme.com/ecdc0w.
For those who prefer bank deposits:
Bank name: Wells Fargo Account number: 1560287235
Routing number: 053000219
Contact information: Gambiademocracychallenge@gmail.com
Admin Contacts:
Alhagie Sowe (Canada) – alhagie.sowe@yahoo.ca 206-259-6721
Karamaba Touray (Florida) :gamfight@gmail.com 863-837-7874
Babou Sallah Njie (England) – babs351@hotmail.com 447411669749
Momodou Krubally (California) – mbkrubally@gmail.com 206-850-1988
Demba Njie (Sweden) – demba.njie@gmail.com 0046765550327
Coach Pa Samba Jow (Maryland) – jowfara@msn.com , 301-547-9573
Lamin Tunkara (North Carolina) – tunkara@hotmail.com  919-757-9469
Juka Ceesay (California) – jukacee@gmail.com 9175205249
Pata Saidykhan (Nebraska) – saidykhanpj@gmail.com 402-321-0012



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