Assan MartinBy Abdoulie John

Gambian human rights activist has championed a new project, aimed at unifying diasporan organisations.

Assan Martin, a US-based human rights lawyer believes unity of purpose is the only winning formula in the long, tedious and messy fight against tyranny in The Gambia. Assan Martin has therefore established the Gambian Diaspora Coordinating Committee. The organisation’s chief goal is to solve challenging issues in the liberation struggle.

“Concerned with the disunity of efforts in the liberation struggle, the Gambian Diaspora Coordinating Committee (GDCC) is established,” Mr. Martin said in a statement.  The new body is “tasked with helping to unite the Gambian liberation struggle.”

The entirely Diaspora-run organisation will “help various Gambian organisations to unite in principle and purpose. Henceforth, all groups or organisations affiliated to the GDCC, or any groups acting in the name of Gambian struggle must adhere and comply to some standards and principles to foster effective coordination and understanding of their organisational role and activities in the campaign to restore democracy and the rule of law in The Gambia.”

Mr. Martin expects affiliated associations to promote and respect the principles of good governance. “All organisations are expected to exercise transparent and accountable working relations, to restore sense of partnership, comradeship and confidence that was lost.”

As it is outlined in the document, this appeared to be a sine qua non that would help to ‘better understand and take note of the past mistakes and strive hard to repeat them.



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