Colonel Betrayer Sam Sarr

A former lazy celebrity soldier who walked the streets of Serrekunda, Banjul and Yumdum with nothing in mind but pump, bluff and showmanship has once again shown his true colours. Arrogant to the core, Sam Sarr betrayed himself, his family and military colleagues after bowing down to the vulture like dictator of Kanilai.

An expose by Gainako News that Sam Sarr bowed down to President Jammeh at his New York hotel few days ago, asking for pardon to return back to the Gambia is not only disturbing but sickening. This kind of behaviour is what has held dictator Jammeh to cling onto power, knowing fully that no matter what there will always be the likes of Sam Sarr crawling for his stolen loot and mercy he has denied majority of Gambians from enjoying. President will in turn use these shameless and moral bankrupt Gambians as political tools to further hoodwink ignorant Gambians that “while enemies of our motherland are shouting, good ones are slowly seeing the light.

Those who know Sam Sarr will even blame us for piecing together this editorial. For them, he does not matter at all. We beg to differ with them because we owe it to Gambians to expose those “green snakes” within our midst. This signals that anyone who walks through this lane will not be spared or forgiven in the name of “he/she does matter.

It is the same Sam Sarr who in 2008 started to destroy the very social fabric of our society when he wrote a damning article against Mandinkas and some former PPP bigwigs. While conscious Gambians who cherish our society’s build up condemned and disgraced Mr. Sarr, some backward thinkers and tribal champions jumped to his defence. But no matter how long it takes, the truth surely stands firm even if nobody wants to defend it. In the end, the so-called military author swallowed his pride and wrote back seeking forgiveness for “flaring tempers.” How long do we have to offend each other deliberately and end up writing “al-sabari” [be persevere]?

The fact of the matter is that Mr. Sarr had nailed the coffin for himself long since. He has reduced himself to a disgraced and pathetic figure when he showed his hidden tribal baggage by singling out Mandinka military officers, lying and caricaturing them in his bogus book. Unfortunately, that book belongs in trash can.

His lies against Mandinka military officers in the bogus book, Coup de’ta, and his use of pen ‘Ebou Colley’ catalogue lies and fabrications against decent Gambian soldiers.

The man who wish to live the good life of Serrekunda cannot accept a normal ordinary life in U.S. Sam Sarr never entered the struggle against dictator Jammeh and will certainly never be missed. The sad part is, our brother Pa Nderry Mbai recently brought him out, giving him a platform to ventilate. Sam Sarr should be left to rot, more so, decompose with dictator Jammeh.

Below is a accurate comment of activist Pata Saidykhan.


There aren’t any surprises here. the Colonel, Sam Ebou Colley Sarr to Sam that is dating the devil and confused it with an Epiphany are all disingenuous.

While Sam Sarr has the right to Political beliefs and belonging, we also reserve the right to not respect or accept his political prostitution and adventurism. But is there anything in this that would remotely resemble any form of gains for Jammeh and his camp? ZERO! The Sam, just like me, has neither political clout nor military usefulness that could make impact on any meaningful arena. If anything, his dumb and unwise decision to ‘mend fences’ with Jammeh goes to show how these two are in serious denial and out of touch with the wind of change that has been slowly but surely blowing, numbering their days as National epidemic. While close aides are jumping sheep, rattling Jammeh’s cage, this unimportant silliness is what interests him. SMH”

Below is the Gainako story:

Former Gambian Army Commander Colonel Samsudeen Sarr has been granted pardon by Gambian President Yahya Jammeh. Mr. Sarr’s pardon took place during a dinner organized for President Jammeh at his Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York where he is lodged for the United Nations 69th General Assembly. Sources with firsthand information about the event confirmed to Gainako that Mr. Sarr did indeed attend an emotional formal ceremony where he apologized profusely to President Jammeh for all his wrongs and in turn President Jammeh swore to the Quran and said he has forgiven Sam for whatever wrongs he has done to him. The two reportedly hugged and embraced each other and Jammeh invited Sam Sarr and his family to feel free and return to the Gambia anytime they want.  Mr. Sam reportedly expressed his gratitude to President Jammeh and promise never to go against him again.

Colonel Sarr’s meeting with President Jammeh did not come as a surprise to many Gambians. Mr. Sarr’s recent appearance on freedom radio expressing regret for all his false allegations against President Jammeh was seen as a sign of his willingness to bow down to his former boss who has subjected him to so much humiliation.  In fact gainako can reliably further report that Sam’s reconciliation gesture to President Jammeh has been in the works for a very long time.  Sam Sarr reportedly has deeper ties with President Jammeh’s family as Jammeh’s brother Ansumana Jammeh’s wife is related to Sam Seedy Sarr’s wife. Samsudeen was reportedly convinced by Gambia’s current Ambassador the lackey Omar Faye along with other close APRC big wigs to take this rather embarrassing move.

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