Will Gambia's opposition leaders muster the courage to unite

Will Gambia’s opposition leaders muster the courage to unite?

A diasporan Gambian organisation has launched an appeal to the opposition parties to team up and select the right candidate for the 2016 presidential race, insisting that “a divided opposition can never stand.”

In a statement, the National Transitional Council of The Gambia (NTCG) said the goal is to make the country “stand tall” because “we cannot allow Dictator Yaya Jammeh to collapse her. Dictator Jammeh has been lying to Gambians this whole time and he tries to play smart with all of us. So let us candidly work together to end any plan he has in this election.”

The organisation recognised that “we all want power and glory.” It however said since The Gambia supersedes all of us, there is need for the opposition to come to the table to renegotiate our politics. “It is a tough call but this is the truth,” NTCG said, calling on all Gambians to shun “tribalism and blind leadership.”

While urging Gambians to create a brighter future for their country, NTCG said there should not be any room for error in the quest to defeat dictatorship at home. “No hand should stand idle, for we can no longer afford to play poker with our country’s future,” the organisation wrote, proposing the opposition to select a single candidate against Dictator Jammeh in 2016.

“The main idea will be to give us an international dimension and credibility in preparations for the upcoming Presidential election. Despite all we have to build for the Gambian opposition, the best probability could also come through this election provided this is what we all want.”

The organisation is upseat of choosing a candidate through a primary election process involving all the opposition parties. “By this way, I strongly believe that we would be able to elect a popular candidate with the most public appeal to lead and who will also be able to go toe-to-toe with the Dictator in Banjul in order to combat the latter,” NTCG said, adding that President Jammeh has been using excessive force to cling to power.



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