pixlrWe now concur with a former State House aide that President Yahya Jammeh is not only heartless but a school that one can never finish learning. “The more we live, the more we learn about this mysterious creature,” said the aide who deserted after having studied and understood Yahya Jammeh.
The aide said the Yahya Jammeh we see in public is far different from the one we see in private. “Gambians must not be surprised if they uncover Jammeh’s deep secrets, some of which can be damning and graphic.”ย 
Most Gambians believe Mr. Jammeh okays tortures, disappearances and cold-blooded murders but what will baffle them is that the man who swore to protect the constitution, participates in late night torture sesssions at the NIA dungeons. Even the secret agents know nothing about Jammeh’s presence in their premises.
Masked in black baclavas, Jammeh will leave State House for the NIA headquarters using a secret code familiar only to a few. “I doubt whether Saul Badjie knows this secret code,” our source confirmed. At the NIA, Jammeh personally whips detainees until he is satisfied. What the heck is the president doing there when his bad boys can get dirty on detainees? “The heartless leader neither forgets nor forgives. He is like a woman who hides every little beef in his brain until it is needed. He is in a hurry to revenge on anyone who annoys him,”our source said. “Sometimes Jammeh feels unsatisfied with the torture of the Junglular [Jammeh’s torture machine] which is why he wants to lead the torture. He thinks they don’t torture well.”
Two of the torture sessions President Jammeh had fully participated were those of Imam Ba-Kawsu Fofana and Essa [Jesus] Badjie, former Inspector General of Police. These men have got into his skin, threatening him with their mouths. Here is a leader who hardly does anything good but expects everyone to sing his praises.
Jammeh felt offended by Imam Fofana’s weekly Friday sermons and his message of defiance on anything Islamic. Thanks to Imam Fofana, Yahya Jammeh could not change times of the five daily prayers. The Supreme Islam Council had already bowed to a leader who knows nothing about Islam. Felt beaten and defeated, Yahya Jammeh began hunting Ba-Kawsu until he fell in his trap. Imam Fofana has had his finger broken during the torture.
Jammeh’s beef with Essa Badjie had to do with his confession that the president okayed his illegal drugs trafficking. Badjie saw no reason why he would be detained for doing the president’s bidding. Of all Jammeh’s torture victims, Essa Badjie received the harshest treatment. ย “Jammeh had mercilessly whipped Badjie until he became unconscious. The more Jesus talked about Jammeh’s involvement in drugs dealings, the more the president chained him.”
Watch out for more startling revelations on the Gambia’s Satanic leader in due course.


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