Some women members of the ruling APRC are boycotting the party’s scheduled Basse Rally for fear of being sexually harassed, Kairo News was reliably informed. These women are sick and tired of advances from their party’s “immoral bad men.” They there prefer to stay away from male predators who use their power and influence to prey on vulnerable women.

The APRC is hosting a four-day conference in Basse from September 29th to October 3rd. The gathering, dubbed Road to Basse, is meant to shower praises on a leader who seized power in a 1994 coup d’etat promising to stay out of politics. Yahya Jammeh has not only become a political animal but also bent on abusing the power of his office to remain pressident.

It is reported that immorality has become so tolerable in the APRC party that its yayecompins (women leaders) “pressure women to accept sexual advances from adulterous senior officials.”

Acts of adultery and fornication have become acceptable by even the party leader Yahya Jammeh who in 2001 attacked religious leaders for preaching against the use of condom, which according to him, curbed the spread of HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. Jammeh’s home village of Kanilai has been turned into brothels. One source says a married woman died after contracting HIV/AIDS in Kanilai. “Jammeh’s tours create avenues for a bunch of crooks and predators to toy with women, which is unimaginable in an Islamic State,” an APRC source says. “No serious Gambian should associate with a bunch of crooks and predators.”



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