HalifaRevealing PDOIS Hatched Secret Primary Plans

It has been a persistent song of the leadership and supporters of PDOIS that the best and only viable way of selecting the leader of an opposition Coalition is through a primary election. One will wonder why a small and unpopular political party like PDOIS has been adamant on primary election. The fact is that the party is confident of sweeping a primary election, and I will explain why and how. Most readers of this piece will be left crestfallen about my revelation but I can’t keep quiet any more. It’s time to vomit the truth. Yahya Jammeh’s yranny hurts!

Since 2006, the fringe party hatched a Master Plan aimed at gaming any future primary election involving opposition parties. The plan was a bait to trap heavyweight parties like the UDP to agree on a primary to elect a candidate for NADD in 2006. Once all the parties agree, PDOIS would recommend that each party sends in equal number of delegates from every constituency to the primary. Since not all opposition parties have supporters in all the districts, the PDOIS will then send their supporters to districts where parties like NDAM, GPDP, PPP or NRP have no base.

The tricky part is that these PDOIS supporters will disguise as other party supporters, singing their slogan as well as raising their flags. These disguised PDOIS recruits will then use other parties as vehicles to secure enough delegate vote for candidate Halifa Sallah.

This sinister plan was leaked to Lawyer Darboe in 2006 shortly before the NADD flag bearer was chosen. Because of this and many other reasons, the UDP pulled out of NADD knowing fully that sincerity and honesty were defeated. Lawyer Darboe had to grapple with the pain of being betrayed by the people he had respected and trusted. I owe Darboe an apology for not sounding the bell before he had invested his precious time and energy into the NADD coalition talks.

What we should ask is whether the delegate plot would see the light. Yes, it can. Even if it works, the question is whether it will translate into votes for the PDOIS selected leader. The answer is an emphatic NO.

With all their abundant knowledge and wealth of political experience, the PDOIS leaders fail to understand why politics succeeds and fails. If they understand, then they are killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Success and failure of politics everywhere hinges on connection, which is lacking within the PDOIS ranks. Every type of connection – family, friends or connections of your family/friend connection – runs and grease the engines of politics.  Without connection, there is no politics. Truth be told, this is what the PDOIS leadership lacks. The party officials may not like it but this is what has bedeviled Halifa Sallah’s presidential ambitions.

I am quite sure that Baye Faals or Talibes of PDOIS are sharpening their swords ready to assault me. I’m not the least concerned because someone needs to hammer truth home even if it means causing chaos. As a member of the PDOIS’ delegate recruitment in various districts, I can’t keep quiet any longer. When this strategy was being devised, most of the so-called die-hard supporters of PDOIS were still small boys and girls or better put it political virgins.

This is why most of you are thinking that the PDOIS is a popular party and that Gambian electorate is ready and willing to vote for Halifa Ababacarr Sallah. A presidential aspirant whose father used to throw his walking stick at hawkers for selling around his compound gate at Serekunda. Do you expect the same struggling hawkers and their families to vote for Halifa? Heck no! I rest my case and wait for Baye Faals to swing on me. Then I will spill more beans. Gone are the days of deception, betrayal and selfishness. All Gambians need is a change.

Batch Samba Baldeh



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